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We are cruisers like you!  As we have travelled by sailboat with our two children from Alaska to Mexico we have used cellular, wifi, SSB, and satellite solutions in everything from fancy marinas to tiny fishing villages and remote glaciers.  We know what works and we know what you need to make it work.  And we want to help you stay connected from your boat, at least as much or as little as you desire.  Whether you just want to participate in cruiser nets, or you need to run a business like we do from anywhere, SeaTech Systems can help.

Networking Your Boat's Navigation, Communication, & Weather
DIY Prices With Professional Support

Our testimonials

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From My Wildest Dreams

"Working with [SeaTech DIY Consulting] was like a customer service experience from my wildest dreams. Imagine having a multi-platform multi-brand tech support guru at your fingertips to lay out exactly how your vessel’s electronics should be installed and setup. In a last minute Hail Mary call to these experts before setting out to sea, these guys saved my butt."

-- Adam, S/V Tuwamish